This podcast gives you the permission and tools to create your courageous second act.

It’s for you who has spent your past, living life according to the historic societal expectations of women. And it’s for you who is committed to a future, beyond limits, of passion, self-expression and fulfilment.

With a good dose of fun and laughter, Julie and Liz will explore everything from nutrition to career to parenting to relationship.

Your best life is still ahead of you.

We call that the Afterglow. 

About Us

Julie + Liz started their first business in their forties. After staying home to raise their kids and support their husband’s careers, they swept the dust off their dreams and opened a yoga studio in Toronto, Canada. In 3.5 years they grew the studio into a thriving community hub, planning for almost everything except a global pandemic.

Despite the ups and downs of running a business, parenting and middle aged milestones, they know that the best life is happening now and are inspired to create a community of women passionate and committed to their brave, courageous futures.

Our Diversity Commitment

We are committed to giving voice to a broad range of perspectives across race, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, age, career background and other diversity factors. If you would like to be featured on the Afterglow Podcast please send us a note!

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The Afterglow Podcast

Permission + tools for your most courageous second act.

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